Made in Europe, now in USA and Canada!

Les unités sanitaires automatisées Sagelec


Environmentally friendly

Our self-cleaning toilets are designed using the latest technologies and meet the needs of future generations to preserve the environment and quality of life. (Our Approach For High Environmental Quality)

Our automatic toilets are programmable to adjust the frequencies and consumption of the cycle washing (without adjusting cost to modifications). Sagelec Canada is developing growth strategies that promote greener lifestyles for our future.

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Self-cleaning restrooms, payable or not, European designed, our toilets are fully automated from Sagelec Canada which meets North American demands and standards.

Our toilets come ready to be installed, easy public solutions that allows a wide range of looks that blend into your urban or natural public landscape like parks.

Our self-cleaning restrooms can also be embedded, which in turn fit very well in old existing buildings or modern buildings. Moreover each restroom we offer is fully adapted to people with an handicap.

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New technologies allow us to equip our toilets with white LED lighting.

Consumption of LED lighting is 3 times less then incandescent, and has a life expectancy 50 times greater than incandescent lighting.

Our automatic restrooms use only six liters per flush and 3 liters for the washing of the floor.

The pressure used for the floor cycle washing is only 50 PSI instead of the usual 87 PSI.

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